Minister to talk High Streets

The Minister for Town Centres, Brandon Lewis MP, is to speak at an event organised by the publishers of LookWest, and also featuring veteran retailer Bill Grimsey.

Our town centres are struggling to provide a useful offer to local people. With internet shopping becoming increasingly popular and a dawdling economy, stakeholders in Town Centres are looking at what can be done to help them thrive.

Future Towns will examine the future for town centres and how those involved could steer theirs to a more successful future. Key speakers will inform delegates of areas that can be improved and how these will make their town centres better.

Brandon Lewis MP, minister for high streets and Bill Grimsey, the author of the Grimsey Review are the Future Towns keynote speakers. The event will help answer the questions, what are town centres for, and, how can we make them deliver better for people in the UK? That will help those responsible for town centres across the UK formulate their plans for the next decade.

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