Mill Farm phase two begins

Demolition work has begun at Mill Farm Close in Pinner, with four blocks to be replaced.

The estate is being redeveloped as part of a partnership between the Council and Catalyst.

The ¬£22m regeneration will see 158 new homes built. This includes new social rented homes for existing tenants living on the estate as well as some additional homes to be let to households on the Council’s Housing Register, shared ownership properties and homes for private sale.

The first batch of homes – 56 units for social rent for existing tenants, 14 for market sale and three for existing leaseholders – was completed last year.

This demolition paves the way for phase two. Four blocks in total are being dismantled to make way for brand new properties. There will be three phases in total, with final completion expected in 2015.

Mill Farm Close was originally made up of 110 flats – 86 homes for Council tenants and 24 owned by leaseholders. The flats were spread between seven blocks, which needed to be brought up to decent homes standard.

Catalyst was selected as the Council’s preferred partner and Mill Farm Close was transferred to them in April 2010. Works by contractor partner Higgins Construction began in September 2010.

The development has involved 12 apprenticeship opportunities, which have largely been filled by Mill Farm Close tenants.

The architect for the plans was Pollard Thomas Edwards

Julia Moulder, Director of Development at Catalyst, said: “Catalyst took transfer of the Estate in 2010, and, with the full and active support of Harrow Council, and in partnership with Higgins Construction, we have worked with residents to design and develop their new homes and neighbourhood. I am pleased to see the first 56 families moving into their new homes and to welcome the 12 new families who have purchased a new home at Mill Farm. Demolition of these four blocks marks the start of the second phase of the regeneration delivery, which will provide additional good quality homes for another 30 local families.”

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