Mill Farm final phase

The final phase of Harrow Council’s five year £22 million Mill Farm Close regeneration project has got under way.

The final stage of the Mill Farm Close development, which has already delivered 114 homes, will create 45 homes. Once completed in summer 2015 Mill Farm Close will become a mix of new homes for Catalyst tenants living on the estate, shared ownership properties and homes for private sale.

As part of the housing project Catalyst has also invested over a quarter of a million pounds in community development initiatives. This has led to the creation of 13 apprenticeship places for for Harrow residents, as well as implementation of the REACH Programme which has helped 155 Harrow residents find work.

Residents chose the new name for the estate – Caulfield Gardens.

The new homes include solar thermal and photo-voltaic panels, and modern insulation improving on the previous on the out dated poorly insulated homes, which should result in lower fuel costs for tenants.

Harrow Council Housing portfolio holder, Glen Hearnden said: “With rising house prices and reducing housing stock we badly need affordable homes. This development helps us increase housing stock and create more affordable homes. There is still work to do in the borough and the council is working hard to improve the housing available for our hard pressed residents.”

“It was great to talk to local people on site and hear first hand how happy they are with their new homes and the improvements to the area. Not only have we massively improved the residents homes, this project has also allowed us to deliver 13 apprentiships and helped 115 residents back into work.”

Julia Moulder, Catalyst director of development said: “This is what regeneration is really about, seeing the impact that a transformed estate can really make. This regeneration is already making has already made a difference and has helped people on the estate into training and employment. Catalyst is here for the long haul – helping to build a better future for Mill Farm Close.”

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