McDonnell backs Heathrow

Support for Heathrow Airport Labour MP John McDonnell has said the Mayor of London and Leader of Hillingdon are “taking leave of their senses” when proposing Heathrow should close.

The MP for Hayes and Harlington told the Uxbridge Gazette that with as many as 200,000 local jobs at stake, the idea of closing Heathrow risks economic collapse.

McDonnell said: “We want a better, not bigger Heathrow. For the leader of the local council to put at risk so many local jobs is a dereliction of his duty to represent our local community.

“If he gets his way, our local economy will collapse.

“This madcap scheme threatens local jobs. Whilst we don’t want another runway, we certainly don’t want to put at risk the livelihoods of so many local families.”

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