Mayors fund boosts maths

Frays Academy Trust is to host their first Mayor’s Fund for London Maths Challenge – part of the ‘count on us’ challenge designed to increase engagement in maths.

The Maths Challenge will take place at Laurel Lane Primary School, Tuesday 19th April 2016.

Count on Us aims to make maths fun and improve confidence towards learning as well as academic attainment. The programme is funded by the Hillingdon Community Trust, Man Charitable Trust, the Rothschild Foundation and the Taylor Family Foundation.

The event at Laurel Lane Primary School will be an inter-school competition for pupils who have already successfully completed round 1 of the Mayor’s Fund For London’s challenge.

Innumeracy is a major barrier to employment and linked to crime and ill-health. In the absence of a co-ordinated London-wide numeracy programme, the Mayor’s Fund for London launched Count on Us, designed in consultation with the National Numeracy Trust, City Bridge Trust, London schools and other practitioners.

The Mayor’s Fund for London is a social mobility charity which aims to empower young Londoners from disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire the skills and opportunities they need to secure employment, climb the career ladder and escape the threat of poverty.

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