Mayor to launch full review of London Plan

Boris Johnson has announced a full review of the London Plan. He says this will ensure that London remains a truly world-beating city in which to live, work and do business.

The Mayor launched a consultation in July, following the publication of ‘Planning for a Better London’, which set out his intentions to improve the quality of life for Londoners through the capital’s planning system and, specifically, through revising the London Plan.

The consultation supported a full review of the London Plan, rather than making successive alterations to the existing one. Also supported in the consultation was the proposal to establish an annual London Planning Convention to provide planning professionals with the opportunity to help make improvements to the capital’s planning system. A more collaborative approach to planning in the capital was an underlying theme of the consultation.

Other key points that the consultation identifed, said the Mator, were:
- The need for a shorter, more concise, plan and a reduction in the amount of supplementary planning guidance produced, which would be avoided by a full review
- The scrapping of the prescriptive (50 per cent) affordable housing target in the current plan
- The need for new quality standards in house building
- The need for the plan to focus more strongly on the development of a diverse economy to foster the growth of all types and sizes of enterprises, by providing the kinds of workspace they need.

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