Mayor makes changes to top team

Boris Johnson has made several key changes to his top team in the wake of Edward Lister’s appointment as his Deputy for Planning.

Sir Peter Rogers will be joining the Mayoral team to lead on Regeneration, Growth and Enterprise, including Enterprise Zones, as soon as he is able to stand down from his current position as Chief Executive of the London Development Agency.

Isabel Dedring, previously Environment Advisor, is to become Deputy Mayor for Transport. Daniel Moylan, Deputy Leader at RB Kensngton & Chelsea, will increase his time commitment as Deputy Chairman of Transport for London from two to four days a week.

Kulveer Ranger, previously Transport Advisor, has been rewarded for his successful delivery of the cycle hire scheme, increased Oysterisation of the transport network and the promotion of river transport, by being promoted to Director of Environment. He will also take charge of the Mayor’s digital agenda, to ensure Londoners get the full benefits of the Internet and new technology.

Anthony Browne, the Economics Advisor, will be leaving City Hall to join Boris Johnson’s campaign team, with the task of developing policy for the next Mayoral contest.

This follows the announcement yesterday that Edward Lister, Leader of Wandsworth Council, has been appointed as the Mayor’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Planning.

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