Mayor begins to reset affordable housing targets

Boris The GLA has written to every London borough proposing an 'indicative target' for affordable housing delivery taking into account local housing capacity, recent affordable housing delivery and any existing targets the boroughs have committed to.

This is the first formal action on BoJo's commitment to deliver 50,000 affordable homes accross London in the next three years. Each borough will have the opportunity to present their own evidence in discussions with the GLA before final targets are agreed early in 2009.

Mayor Boris Johnson said: ‘Too many Londoners continue to struggle to get a foot on the housing ladder, and many more are homeless or living in desperately overcrowded or poor quality housing with their families. The current policy of imposing an inflexible London wide target clearly does not work and in these exceptionally tough times it is imperative that we make the right investments now to provide the homes that Londoners need.

‘Make no mistake – I want all the boroughs to make their fair contribution towards achieving our goal. But I believe that this can only happen by working with them so that we take account of individual circumstances and agree together what can sensibly be delivered.’

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