Mayor awards OPDC public realm cash

The Mayor of London has awarded £750,000 to Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation for public realm improvements at Scrubs Lane and Willesden Junction.

The money will be given by the Greater London Authority’s Good Growth Fund.

The funding will be used to improve the look and feel of public spaces that are already in use by the public every day. Changes will be made to make the area a more inviting environment for all who access and use Scrubs Lane and Willesden Junction, as well as to strengthen the presence of local heritage assets, says OPDC.

Initial projects are scheduled to start around Willesden Junction station in Autumn 2019 and at the entrance to Wormwood Scrubs from Scrubs Lane from Summer 2020.

At Willesden Junction Station, OPDC are looking to carry out planting; install new benches and a noticeboard; improve wayfinding and possibly commission an artist for work along Station Approach.

At Wormwood Scrubs likely activities will include the creation of new wayfinding and signage; fixing existing pathways and improving the route into Wormwood Scrubs at the Scrubs Lane entrance. Also, say OPDC, creative ways will be explored to improve habitats for wildlife and potentially new benches and water fountains for people and dogs

In the Making programmes such as OPDC’s Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England funded Great Place Scheme, OPDC say they will be developing further designs and ideas with local residents, businesses, students and workers so that community ideas, expertise and suggestions can be part of the co-creation process for the regeneration work that is and will continue to be taking place in Old Oak and Park Royal.

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