Boris will scrap Western C-Zone

C charge logo - always c TfL Boris Johnson has announced he will begin the legal processes required to remove the Western Extension of the congestion charging zone following the results of the consultation.

Over two thirds of Londoners and businesses responding to the consultation on the future of the zone have said they want it scrapped. It was a manifesto pledge that Johnson would abide by the results of the consultation.

The five-week informal public consultation attracted nearly 28,000 responses. Overall 67 per cent of individual respondents and 86 per cent of businesses responding to the public consultation supported the removal of the zone. Nineteen per cent stated that they wanted the extension kept as it is, and 12 per cent supported changing the scheme to improve the way that it operates.

LB Hammersmith & Fulham leader Cllr Greenhalgh commented: “The Mayor of London has torn down west London's invisible Berlin Wall. The vast majority of local residents have consistently said they wanted this scheme to be scrapped and now that it is gone thousands of residents will benefit. This is a brave decision by the Mayor who has listened to Londoners in the face of tough resistance from TfL."

A draft revision to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy reflecting his intention to remove the Western Extension will be the subject of a 12-week statutory public and stakeholder consultation scheduled for summer 2009. Following this, TfL would also need to consult the public and stakeholders on a variation to the Congestion Charging Scheme Order to formally remove the Western Extension.

The Western Extension cannot be removed until these statutory consultation procedures have been concluded and the Mayor has taken into account the views expressed in the consultations and decided whether or not to confirm his decision. The earliest that the extension could be removed is spring 2010.

Image: copyright TfL

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