Mawhinney rules for Old Oak

old oak interchangeThe Mawhinney Report suggests connecting Heathrow to HS2 via Old Oak Common is better than a new “Heathrow Hub” at Iver.

Lord Brian Mawhinney has recommended that Heathrow should link to the new High Speed Rail network at Old Oak Common, in LB Hammersmith & Fulham, until such time as a direct link is established to the North of the country. The report says: “I have concluded that, in the early stages of a high speed rail network, there is no compelling case for a direct rail link to Heathrow, and that a London-Old Oak Common interchange could provide an appropriate, good quality terminus and connection point to the airport.”

Lord Mawhinney added the cost of rerouting HS2 to take in Heathrow (between two and four billion pounds), via¬†a 12 platform “superhub” station at Iver, near Yiewsley, would not represent good value for taxpayers in the early part of the development of a high speed network.

The Department of Transport, who did not commission the report, have indicated they will also take in to account their own research, and the opinion of HS2, the company formed to progress the development of a new High Speed network.

Either location – Yiewsley or Old Oak – would provide significant regeneration opportunity in the immediate suroundings.

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