Marsh Road scheme rejected on appeal

The three storey scheme planned for Marsh Road has been rejected by the Planning Inspector on the grounds of being 'too bulky', and perhaps because of its effect on the local hedgehogs.

The proposed development had prompted an unusual amount of local opposition, reports the Harrow Observer. As well as the usual concerns over the character of the development, here had been concerns local wildlife, including hedgehogs, would die out as a result.

A campaigner told the Observer: "We managed to collect a petition of over 1,400 names of local residents that opposed the development, and many put up posters and billboards in their front gardens so that the inspector was aware of their strong opposition to the development. "

The planning inspector, Jean Russell, objected to the plans primarily on the grounds that the flats would be too bulky and out of character in respect to the surrounding houses. She made no official mention of hedgehogs.

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