Malhotra says Boris is ‘bonkers’

Seema Malhotra Headshot for coverMP for Feltham and Hounslow, Seema Malhotra, has described Boris’ plan to close Heathrow as ‘bonkers’.

Writing in the Hounslow Chronicle, she says she welcomed the Coalition Government’s decision to set up an independent commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, to set out proposals for airport expansion.

She describes Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s contribution to the aviation capacity debate as rhetoric. He suggested closing down Heathrow and building a new island airport in the Thames estuary, which Malhotra  says “borders on the bonkers”.

She says the closure of Heathrow and removal of 110,000 jobs would have a devastating effect on families and businesses across West London, Slough, Reading and further afield – creating a “wasteland of high unemployment and misery”.

She is also sceptical of ideas for a “slimmed down” Heathrow, saying it’s not clear how many jobs would go under such plans.

She has written to Sir Howard Davies, calling on his commission to provide clarity on the debate to provide answers on whether we need to increase our airport capacity, how we could achieve capacity growth with our existing airports, and how we balance the needs of business, consumer, local families and the environment, including targets for carbon emissions and curbs on night flights.

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