Makeover for Mollison Road

LB Harrow is expected to approve plans for a makeover of Mollison Way, an Edgware shopping parade which was originally an airstrip, part of the DeHavilland factory.

The plans, funded by Transport for London (TfL) include safety and public transport improvements. The new street layout will remove the roundabouts at each end of the parade, install new pedestrian crossings, widen pavements and add cycle stands. 

New CCTV cameras will be installed to deter anti-social behaviour while parking places, loading bays and disabled parking will be reorganised and larger bus stops installed, keeping the main road clear for moving traffic. 

The plans were developed through a working group of residents, businesses, ward councillors, the police, transport agencies, Stag Lane School and local church groups. 

Leading community figures are also championing a public art installation at Mollison Way to commemorate the area's aviation history and are seeking funding. The Council is to discuss the proposal with TfL to see if there is any extra money available. 

The work will be funded through TfL's Streets for People initiative. It is scheduled to start in the autumn. 

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