Long Haul shift to T5 “a success”, and third runway “popular” with locals

Heathrow_planesA week of good news for BAA as BA’s switch of long haul flights to T5 seems to have been somewhat smoother than the terminal’s opening day, and a report is published suggesting locals are in favour of the third runway.

The FT said there was clear relief at the airline that the day had gone smoothly. “People boarded their flights without difficulties and there were no baggage issues. From an operational point of view it was a success,” said BA.

BAA, which owns Terminal 5, added that it was “working hard with British Airways to ensure that all days from now on run as well”.

The next phase of the transfer will take place on September 17 and will see 30 daily arrivals and 30 daily departures – from a variety of destinations in Africa, the Middle East and the Americas – switching from Terminal 4. Then in October the remaining services will move over.

Lord_clive_soley_2 This news comes in the week that Future Heathrow boss Lord Soley (pictured) said opinion polls are showing there is more support than opposition to the expansion.

Lord Soley said an opinion poll conducted by Populus questioned people who live in 12 local authorities around Heathrow. Support for the third runway came from 50 per cent, and 30 per cent were opposed.

"Local people know that the airport is vital to the local economy and supports jobs and business", said Lord Soley.

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