London to get Land Commission

At the same time as announcing the nine London Housing Zones, the Mayor of London and Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the formation of the London Land Commission to identify public sector land for development.

The Commission is intended to help London develop on of all of its London’s brownfield land by 2025 – so that London can meet its target of at least 400,000 new homes, primarily through brownfield land.

John Dickie, Director of Strategy at business group London First said: “We welcome the idea of a London Land Commission to coordinate the sale of un- or under-used public sector land for much-needed housing.

“This answers our call for a modern-day Domesday Book, holding all the details of this land and administered by a single, well-informed source.

“The real challenge is now to go from identification to utilisation — to join up the public sector and so release as much land as possible for new homes for Londoners”

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