London First questions Superhighways

London First has responded to Transport for London’s consultation on the Cycle Superhighway, calling for a proper analysis of the effect of yet more dedicated cycle lanes on the delivery of goods and services.

London First, an organisation representing large businesses in London, say they have long supported better cycling and pedestrian facilities for London. They say they accept that this may mean in certain circumstances other road users paying a price.

However, they say Transport for London (TfL) are “forging ahead with what looks like a very significant programme of change when the evidence to support these changes has not been rigorously assessed and is therefore not fully understood”.

They say TfL should conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis; an environmental impact assessment; and forecast changes in congestion and traffic flow on the road network around the Cycle Highways and across London, rather than the generalised or averaged effects on the routes themselves that have been published.

They also want a clearer evaluation of the knock-on effect on bus and taxi traffic, and better insights into the impact that segregated cycle lanes will have on the reliability and cost of the deliveries of goods and services.

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