London First looks for action

Business lobby group London First have urged the new Government to make an quick commitment to action following the imminent publication of the Airports Commission report into aviation capacity.

The commission, led by Sir Howard Davies, will report soon – having promised to deliver its verdict after the General Election.

Ahead of the report’s publication, which could recommend expansion at Heathrow, Gavin Hayes, Director of Let Britain Fly (part of London First), said: “The Conservatives have already pledged to ‘respond’ to the Airports Commission, but they now need to go further and commit to concrete action.

“There have already been decades of dithering over expansion, and with Britain already suffering from airport capacity problems, business needs the findings of the Conservative-established Airports Commission to be implemented as a top priority for the new Government.

“Doing nothing is not an option.”

London First also commented on the need for new homes, Jonathan Seager, director of housing policy at London First, said: “It’s vital that a Conservative government gives housing the priority it needs. Nimbyism has been allowed to run riot for far too long: the result is that we now have a housing crisis, especially in London. In fact, three-quarters of businesses now believe that the lack of new homes and rising housing costs are a significant risk to the capital’s economic growth.”

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