Local Government Settlement cuts to West London

The Local Government Settlement has been published, with Hamersmith, Hounslow and Ealing hit the hardest in West London.

LB Hammersmith & Fulham will see its settlement cut by almost £25m, or 20%. Hounslow faces a cut in settlement of £12.9m, 14.3% down on last year’s. Ealing’s cut is larger in financial terms at £13.4m, but is just a 9.4% cut on the 09/10 setlement. Hillingdon loses £2.8m, or 3.8%. Brent will have a £5.1m cut to deal with, which is a cut of 3.2%, while Harrow loses just £250,000, a cut of 0.4%.

These cuts are in the core Formula Grant funding, which typically makes up about 30% of an average council’s annual budget. CLG has produced numbers showing their take on the cut in “spending power” (by which they mean total budget) over the two year period to 2012, which they show as: Brent  5.85%, Ealing 4.87%, Harrow 1.9%, Hammersmith & Fulham 6.56%, Hillingdon 3.11% and Hounslow 4.69%.

The average cut in core funding for a council in England is 9.9%. See details on the CLG website, or coverage from the BBC.

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