Lights out in Ealing

LB Ealing has hatched a plan to ease congestion – by turning off the traffic lights.

Seven junctions will have their lights bagged for a six month trial period. Motorists and other road users will have to navigate them on a common-sense basis. The Council believe this will ease congestion around the Borough by allowing a smoother flow of traffic.

David Millican, cabinet member for regeneration and transport, said the scheme, the first of its kind in the country, would help improve traffic. He said: "Many of the congestion issues around Ealing are caused by junctions rather than roads themselves. These works are part of the integrated programme to improve the overall flow of traffic in the borough, and by taking simple measures with not a huge sum of money it should suit everyone. It's just common sense and drivers will have to proceed with caution."

The new initiative has won the support of Boris Johnson, who is responsible for all 5,000 traffic lights in the capital.

The junctions concerned: Western Road with Montague Way, Southall;K ing Street and Western Road/Havelock Road, Southall; Windmill Lane/Windmill Avenue and St Bernard's Hospital access, Southall; Gunnersbury Lane with Bollo Lane, Acton; Twyford Avenue and Creffield Road, Acton; Acton Lane/North Acton Road and Barrets Green Road, Acton; and Ruislip Road and Greenford Avenue, Hanwell/Cleveland.

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