LCCI calls for more night flights

aeromexico heathrowThe London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called on the Airports Commission to consider additional night-flights at Heathrow1 in order to increase London trade links.

The LCCI made its call following a meeting with the Commission last week that focused on potential short-term measures to maximise efficiency and increase existing airport capacity. This adds to the calls from a range of other business bodies for expansion of capacity at Heathrow in particular in the short term, with a general consensus that the Davies Review timetable is too slow.

The LCCI also urged the Airports Commission to examine the temporary use of ‘mixed mode’ to ease capacity pressures at key times of the year such as the busy summer season.

Colin Stanbridge, Chief Executive of the LCCI said:  “London is at serious risk of losing out in the race with other EU states to connect with emerging global markets unless we have frequent, daily, direct flights.

“It makes sense to play to London’s existing strengths, and as most foreign airlines and passengers want to fly into Britain’s hub, why not seek to encourage that?

“Adding just a few extra arrivals at night into Heathrow would enable greater connectivity for London with the BRIC and CIVETS markets and give a major boost to the UK economy.

“Extra night-flights and mixed-mode are not long-term solutions but while we await the final Howard Davies’s final report in 2015, practical short-term, temporary measures have to be examined.”

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