LBHF may join “super council”, and head east

LB Hammersmith & Fulham are looking at “merging” with neighbouring RB Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster councils.

A report from the BBCsuggests the councils could merge all their services into the UK’s first “super-council”, retaining their individual political identities, saving £50m to £100m a year in the process. The three councils are already merging their children’s services departmentsand are now considering whether to go further.

The report suggests that the councils will report in February on the possibility of merging three main areas – environmental services, family services and corporate services. In a joint statement, the leaders of the three councils said the plans would not proceed until there was “a clear democratic, social and economic case to do so”.

The three councils, if merged, would present an area roughly similar in scale, budget and population terms to Leeds. It would also match some people’s definition of a “functional geography” for a Local Economic Partnership”, and could mae LBHF participation in any West London arrangements less likely.

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