Lampton Road project gets under way

Work is about to begin on the demolition of Hounslow’s Civic Centre, and its replacement with new homes, along with the construction of a new civic centre closer tot he town centre.

In March, plans for a new residential development in Lampton Road were approved. The first 160 homes are due to be completed in spring 2018 with the remainder, up to 780, planned for completion in 2022.

Hounslow Civic Centre will be completely demolished to make way for the housing, and the council offices will move to a smaller new civic building, incorporating a library and cafe, on the site of the Bath Road car park, just west of Hounslow high street. The council hopes this will be more cost-efficient and accessible.

Work begins at the end of June 2016, with hoardings going up around both sites. The Civic Centre will remain open for business while the first phase of housing is built.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “We are fully committed to doing what we can to build new and affordable homes for residents which are much needed and we made a promise to do so.

“These homes will be built on the site of the current Civic Centre, the land being freed up, as we move to a new, fantastic community-based civic centre right in the heart of Hounslow.

“The new, modern Civic Centre will support more efficient ways of working and allow us to improve our services to residents, incorporating a modern library, community space to promote and hold events and exhibitions, plus shared offices for the council, police and health services.

“It is an exciting time and puts Hounslow town centre on the map once again.”

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