Labour wins control of West London Councils

West London has swung markedly to the Labour party in the local council elections.

Labour gained control of Hounslow, Harrow, Brent and Ealing in the elections this week. After the General Election results, where the Tories gained several seats in the sub-region, the marked swing is a surprise.

Ealing was perhaps the biggest shock, with Labour taking 17 seats from the Conservatives to roughly double their number of councillors.

The LibDems and independents struggled too. In Hounslow  the Conservative group lost control despite not losing a seat, as Labour wiped out the Community Group of independents.

Brent moved from no overall control as Labour gained 21 seats at the equal expense of Lib Dem and Tory parties, while Harrow moved to Labour from Conservative with a ten seat swing.

Hillingdon stayed Conservative, as did Hammersmith & Fulham, both with little change in the numbers of Councillors.

What this means for planning, regeneration and economic development policy is yet to emerge.

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