Labour to oppose Heathrow?

The Labour Party are preparing to oppose expansion at Heathrow, according to reports.

A number of newspapers, including The Times, report that while the party recognises the need for aviation capacity expansion in the south east, they might not support a third runway at Heathrow.

Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, whose Hayes & Harlington constituency includes Heathrow, has been a long standing opponent of the airport, and it seems he may be getting his way with national policy.

The last election manifesto contained support for Heathrow in a leaked draft, but when published ony gave support for capacity expansion in the south east.

While senior figures in the party with a London base, such as Mr McDonnell and Mayor Sadiq Khan, oppose expansion, the Party might find it harder to hold the line with its MPs from the rest of the country, many of whom want to see the decision to expand Heathrow implemented, to avoid more time navel-gazing while other countries expand their airports and take trade that could come to the UK.

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