Labour promise delivery on aviation

The Shadow Secretary for Transport, Mary Creagh, has promised to deliver on airport capacity.

At Let Britain Fly’s Sustainable Airports Summit, Ceagh said Labour was the only political party promising airport expansion in the South East. She added that Labour would put the economy first when it came to considering infrastructure, while asking all stakeholders to consider improvements in aircraft technology that will be delivered over the next decade, before any new runway can be delivered.

Val Shawcross CBE, Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark and Deputy Chair of the Assembly’s Transport Committee praised the economic benefits London’s airports brought to the city, but also emphasised the need for better surface access, transport planning, and an Aviation Noise Authority to deliver an airports system that works for everyone.

The seminar also discussed surface access improvements, and demand and emission scenarios, including the potential for further efficiency improvements to both engines and aircraft.

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