Kitewood approved on Edgware Road

Capitol way colindale Kitewood's 460 flat development has been approved by LB Brent.

The Rolfe Judd designed Colindale development, which will provide around 160 affordable homes, will also contain a warehouse and shops, including a garden centre. The plans are for two seperate blocks varying in height, mostly at six storeys but rising to 19 storeys.

The site is currently occupied by two large retail warehouse buildings, one of which is vacant, and one occupied by Wickes.

Brent councillors approved the proposal on the condition that Kitewood spends £2.5 million on education and transport improvements, to offset the impact the flats will have on infrastructure.

The scheme will now go to the Mayor's office for approval. See more at the Harrow Times, or see previous lookwest coverage.

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