Kings Mall installs pop-up studio

As part of their Arts Strategy, Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Arts Development and HammersmithLondon have partnered with Kings Mall on an interactive exhibition in a vacant unit in the shopping centre.

KM Residency invites shoppers into the usually hidden world of the artist’s studio by repurposing Units 41-43 as a functioning studio during the Mall’s opening hours. Visible through the double-fronted glass of a retail unit, artists may be watched at work, shining a light on the hidden workings of the artist’s atelier.

By placing the studio’s role in the creative process as the focus of the exhibition KM Residency addresses the twin issues of the lack of affordable studio space for today’s emerging artists and the need for readily accessible public art. The organisers say: “As the artists’ themselves become framed behind the glass we are forced who question where the artist ends and the work begins as the roles of spectator and participant become entangled.”

Over the course of the programme the units will accommodate up to 12 artists. KM Residency hopes to stimulate collaboration among the participating artists and members of the public. The project hopes to evolve into “a piece of community-led contemporary performance accessible to all”.

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