King Street battle warms up

A public meeting organised by a lobby group opposed to the Grainger/Helical Bar King Street development saw MPs clash with Councillors.

The meeting, organised by “Save Our Skyline” (SOS), who are a lobby group particularly opposed to the height of the 14 and 15 storey towers, saw speakers including theatre director Trevor Nunn and actor Joely Richardson, who both have links to the area, speaking alongside Andrew Slaughter, the local Labour MP, and Harry Phibbs, a conservative councillor, reports the Hammersmith Chronicle.

While Cllr Phibbs majored on the replacement of the unpopular Town Hall Extension, something the Council believes is necessary as the present facilities are costly to operate and maintain. Hammersmith MP Andrew Slaughter labelled the development “destructive”.

Cllr Phibbs said, referring to the reported £18m savingto the Council provided by the scheme: “Is it worth paying higher tax to save the skyline?”.

Mr Slaughter said: “This scheme is purely destructive – even the Sheriff of Nottingham wouldn’t have thought up something like it. It’s vitally important this battle is won, otherwise there could be more monstrous developments all over the borough.”

The meeting drew less people than a previous one, noted a King Street Developments Spokesman also talking to the Hammersmith Chronicle. The spokesman also said that the new development should improve the skyline, noting that “removing the ugly Town Hall extension, which has tarnished the Town Hall for decades, and replacing it with a new public square will create a focal point and a new public space at this end of King Street to be enjoyed by all”.

King Street Developments is the JV vehicle formed by Grainger and Helical bar to progress the scheme, which is designed by Sheppard Robson.

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