Kilburn gets equal status with Wembley

A Planning Inspector rules that Kilburn High Street must be given equal status to Wembley.

The Wembley & Kingsbury Times reports the government inspector overturned Brent Council’s policy of giving Wembley first choice over shopping and planning developments, and stated that Kilburn must be given equal status as a town centre. The Inspector said that he felt the preference expressed for Wembley over Kilburn, in respect of shopping development, was at odds with national policy and had not been adequately justified.

Kilburn Cllr Mary Arnold, who lodged the legal complaint which prompted Kilburn’s change in status, told the Times: “My challenge to the Brent Core Strategy public hearing was well worth it. This means modern retail outlets will be directed to Kilburn high road, as well as Wembley, bringing inward investment to Kilburn, and raising the quality for community, businesses, and shoppers.”

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