Inglis Barracks plans under consideration

VSM Estates, the joint venture between St. Modwen Properties and VINCI , is expecting its plans for Inglis Barracks to be determined soon.

The application, to build over 2,000 homes on the former MoD site in Mill Hill would be the last of six on sites that were part of Project MoDEL to repurpose redundant MoD locations. The other five all have consent, and are at various stages of construction or sale.

The Inglis Barracks scheme, also known as Mill Hill East, is a collaborative effort between VSM, Annington Property, and LB Barnet. Outline plans were approved in 2009, and now detailed responses to the conditions attached to that are under consideration. The plans would deliver  2,174 homes; a GP surgery, primary school and district energy centre; retail and office space; open space, including parks and gardens; transport improvements, including new traffic lights and improved roads and junctions.


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