Hub says Heathrow is the future

Heathrow Hub – one of the options for expanding Heathrow Airport being considered by the Davies Commission – says there is clear evidence that Heathrow Airport is the future.

Leader of the Hub bid, former Concorde pilot Jock Lowe, welcoming some recent  announcements from Heathrow Airport, said: “This is an important time for Heathrow because what we have been saying is now being clearly demonstrated with evidence everybody can understand. This is in contrast to Gatwick, which is running a spirited campaign, but seems to rely heavily on spin.

“First, the arrival of the new A350-XWB aircraft and its departure this afternoon means people can see for themselves that the next generation of aircraft is indeed quieter. Second, the announcement that Vietnam Airways is to move from Gatwick to Heathrow and today’s strong emerging market passenger statistics demonstrate that Heathrow is where the long haul passenger demand is. As far as both inbound and outbound
passengers to the entire UK are concerned, they would rather use Heathrow.

“Unlike most people, I have actually spent a portion of my life trying to make Gatwick work, as BA’s general manager at Gatwick. Gatwick serves an important niche very well, but it is simply in the wrong place. The Airports Commission is doing a good job and I am sure they understand this.”

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