Hub responds to R3 delay

Heathrow Hub has responded to reports of a likely further delay in deciding where to build a new runway.

Jock Lowe, director of Heathrow Hub, which proposed expanding Heathrow by extending an existing runway rather than building a new one, said: “Judging by press speculation, a delay to the decision on airports expansion is now likely. If this speculation is correct, we are not surprised. A few more months in order to complete environmental and airspace reviews would be a good idea.

“It is important to get this major decision right. That said, a delay would further vindicate our extended runway concept, which is simpler, cheaper and – because it brings no new areas into the noise footprint – more politically realistic than Heathrow Airport Ltd’s third runway. It also delivers far more economic benefits than Gatwick, which is in the wrong place for most of the country”.

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