Hub keep pushing

Heathrow Hub says it has received a “significant double boost” in its campaign to be selected by the UK government as the best solution to the UK’s aviation capacity challenge.

Heathrow Hub says it has received commitments of additional financial backing from a consortium of City investors. It is understood that the funding is in the millions of pounds, and would pay for consulting, legal and other fees which may arise should the scheme be selected to proceed to the next phase of the process.

Also Heathrow Hub scored a legal victory over Daniel Gellert, a retired American airline captain, who alleged that the UK patent originating from his US patent would be infringed by Heathrow Hub’s proposal. Heathrow Hub sought and has been awarded a declaration of non-infringement.

Jock Lowe, Director of Heathrow Hub, commented: “Heathrow Hub is my concept, based on decades of aviation experience. We are very pleased that the Intellectual Property Office has recognised the originality of our proposal over Mr Gellert’s patent. Separately we welcome the clear vote of confidence that this additional investment indicates in our proposal and our prospects of success.

“We are still very much involved in the process: The UK Government has yet to complete its assessment and it will deliver its own verdict by the end of this year. We continue to liaise with ministers and civil servants to ensure our proposal is properly understood as the superior and more politically deliverable option.”

Heathrow Hub also says it has submitted a significantly revised surface access and roads plan to the Department for Transport. This aims to allow air quality targets to be met. Heathrow Hub say that the Airports Commission assessed their plan with a surface access plan of their own devising, and that this submission corrects that.

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