HS3 may be consequence of HS2 decision

Heathrow Hub has said taking a decision on the HS2 route in advance of the Davies review of aviation capacity risks requiring HS3.

The company, set up by Arup to promote a rail hub on land near Heathrow Airport, was one of the appellants in the recent failed Judicial Review of the route decision for HS2. The sense of better connections for Heathrow to the national and high speed rail network is clear – with the value of better domestic links for the UKs key hub airport known to provide economic benefits to the whole country.

The company says that by taking decisions on HS2 in advance of airport policy the government risks needing to build another phase of high speed rail – which they dub HS3 – to the location of any new airport. They say it would be “unfortunate if the commission’s recommendation required an HS3, to provide access to a new hub airport, when a co-ordinated approach would avoid a potentially hugely expensive mistake.”

Heathrow Hub say they will be appealing the JR decision.

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