HS2 to tunnel under Ealing

HS2 have announced they will tunnel under Ealing for the new high speed rail line between London and Birmingham.

Ealing Council and others had objected to the original surface route plans, and HS2 conducted a study in response. Now they have agreed to recommend to the Secretary of State for Transport that a nine kilometre tunnel is built between North Acton and Northolt, linking with the tunnel in West Ruislip which had already been proposed as part of the original plans. This will make it the longest tunnel on the route on at 14km.

HS2’s study found the tunnel would cost no more than a surface route, and will take less time to build – 15 months quicker than a surface route. it will also avoid the congestion that would have been caused around Hanger Lane during construction.

HS2 community and stakeholder manager for London, Peter Fry, said: “The recommendation to build a tunnel through Ealing and Northolt shows what can be done by working with local people and that we value their input and suggestions.”

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