Housing Zones for Alperton, Wembley

Brent Council is looking at applications to the Greater London Authority to designate Alperton and Wembley as Housing Zones.

Cabinet is being asked to approve a proposal to submit a bid to the GLA for both Alperton and Wembley to become Housing Zones.

The proposal notes that there has been some progress on delivering homes in both locations, but comments that “the pace of delivery has been relatively slow”. It also notes that it has, understandably, concentrated on the more deliverable land parcels.

In Alperton, the proposed Waterside Residential Neighbourhood is now challenging to deliver, and other sites are beset by difficulties including fragmented land ownership and the relocation of employment uses.

The Council also wants to release a proportion of the Strategic Industrial Location in Northfields for inclusion in the Housing Zone, which they feel would enable a mixed-use scheme of housing and employment space.

The interventions proposed in the Housing Zone bid will be mainly focused on the central character area and Northfields in order to unlock development across the growth area.

The report suggests that around half of the housing planned for growth areas can be accommodated in Wembley. Here, the earlier need to deliver significant infrastructure improvements and the economic recession have hampered delivery.

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