House prices nearly back to peak levels

House prices have almost recovered to their pre-recession peak across London.

The average London home price is now just 3% below the January 2008 peak of £352,869, according to figures from the Land Registry. RB Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster and Camden prices are already above their peak levels, with other Boroughs not far away. Hammersmith & Fulham is just 1% away from passing its peak level, and with prices expected to increase by 5-10% this year, all west London boroughs should set new record levels in 2011.

Borough Avg Price Now Previous Peak Avg Price Difference
Brent 309,471 31,200 -4%
Ealing 322,053 337,246 -5%
Hammersmith & Fulham 502,366 506,142 -1%
Harrow 293,507 305,089 -4%
Hillingdon 260,900 270,362 -7%
Hounslow 288,095 295,672 -3%
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