Hounslow welcomes increased noise insulation

Hounslow Council welcomed the new plans announced by Heathrow to provide noise insulation to homes if the go-ahead is given to a third runway at the airport.

The council says that the announcement demonstrates Heathrow has been listening to the views of the council and the residents of Hounslow, along with the other neighbouring authorities who are affected by aircraft noise.

Although the council has been campaigning for a better not bigger Heathrow, and is opposed to its expansion, it says the move is a good one and demonstrates the positive relationship the authority has with the airport.

Deputy leader of the council, Councillor Amrit Mann said: “We are delighted Heathrow has said an improved noise insulation scheme will be provided to residents who are currently within the 55 decibel noise contour, as well as to those who will be brought within it if a third runway is approved. We also support Heathrow’s commitment to measure the 55 decibel noise contour using an internationally approved standard for which the council has campaigned for many years.

“Our residents can now look forward to being provided with noise insulation measures that are comparable to that offered by the best European airports and which we believe are necessary for the protection of the health and well-being of local people.”

The council is conscious that if Heathrow is granted planning permission for the revocation of the Cranford Agreement at the Public Inquiry starting on 2 June 2015, many more of its residents will come within the 55 decibel noise contour and experience significant increases in noise for an eight hour period each day during easterly take offs over Cranford from the northern runway. It says it is continuing to work with Heathrow to secure further commitments that ensure those residents are also provided with the enhanced noise insulation package.

“We enjoy a very good relationship with Heathrow and have made great strides with them to achieve a better quality of life for our residents,” said Cllr Mann. “We will carry this on and particularly seek appropriate and adequate noise insulation, ventilation and cooling for all local schools and community facilities that currently experience unacceptable noise levels, as well as those that will experience a significant increase in noise if the Cranford Agreement is revoked or a third runway is approved.

“We will also continue to ask Heathrow to meet the increased noise insulation, ventilation and cooling costs of our schools expansion programme for those new schools and buildings affected by aircraft noise, now and in the future.”

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