Hounslow residents poll shows R3 support

Hounslow Council’s regular resident poll has revealed strong support for expansion at Heathrow Airport.

The poll, conducted every two years, asks residents questions about satisfaction with council services. In 2016, the council also asked for their views on the proposal to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

44 per cent of residents surveyed support a third runway at Heathrow (including 18 per cent who strongly support it), outnumbering the 29 per cent of residents surveyed who oppose expansion (including 21 per cent who strongly oppose it).

A quarter neither support nor oppose a third runway.

Residents employed at Heathrow Airport or who have family members who are employed at the airport are more likely to support a third runway.

The survey also indicates geographical differences in levels of support and opposition to a third runway. For example, in Central Hounslow 51 per cent of residents surveyed support a third runway and 26 per cent oppose it; while in Chiswick 31 per cent of residents surveyed support a third runway and 38 per cent oppose it. In both areas more than 20 per cent of surveyed residents neither support nor oppose a third runway.

Should the government decide to go ahead with the third runway, 46 per cent of residents surveyed think the Council should support the government’s decision, while 25 per cent think the Council should oppose it.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council said: “Our position on Heathrow Airport — that is, that we would like to see a better not bigger airport — remains unchanged. As I’ve said before, the announcement that government now recommends expansion at Heathrow will have a huge impact on the residents and businesses of Hounslow.

“Our main concerns remain noise, pollution and additional congestion. We need to do more on these and so does Heathrow and the Mayor of London. We will continue to work with Heathrow on behalf of our residents and businesses, many of whom are employed directly at Heathrow or are part of the supply chain, to ensure the best possible outcome and to reduce any adverse effects of the government’s decision. We have already achieved some local improvements, particularly for our schools, and this work will continue.”

Opinion Research Services carried out the latest survey between 8 September and 18 October 2016 by undertaking 1,207 interviews with residents whose responses collectively provided weighted data which is representative of our borough’s population.

As well the opinions about the Airport, the survey says that 82 per cent of Hounslow residents are satisfied with their local area as a place to live.

Since the 2014 survey, satisfaction levels have increased by more than 3 per cent for thirteen of the fifteen statements about the Council’s service delivery. The highest satisfaction increases are for libraries; council supported arts heritage and cultural facilities; parks, playgrounds and open spaces; and leisure and sports facilities

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