Hounslow looks east

Hounslow has twinned with the Panjabi city of Jalandhar, which has become the fifth twin of the borough.

The Town Twinning Charter was signed at the Civic Centre on Tuesday 27 October.

Jalandhar joins Issy-les-Moulineaux in France, Ramallah in Palestine, Lahore in Pakistan and Russia’s Leningradsky District as twins of Hounslow Borough.

The borough has historic ties with Jalandhar, current population around 900,000. In the run up to the annexation of the Sikh kingdom of Panjab in 1849 the 13th Light Dragoons, who were based in Hounslow Barracks trained on Hounslow Heath ahead of the first Anglo-Sikh War.

The Sikh troops they defeated joined the British Indian Army, where they remained until India gained its independence in 1947.

When the Sikh regiments disbanded there was a mass exodus to Hounslow and Southall, where the soldiers found work in the Wolfe Rubber Factory.

Councillor Nisar Malik, mayor of Hounslow said: “It is a great pleasure to finalise our ties with the ancient city of Jalandhar. Like Hounslow, it is enjoying a rapid rise to prominence in industry and also like our borough it has a rich cultural history and long ties with this country. We look forward to forging lasting connections with the people of Jalandhar and look forward to the chance for our cultures to mingle.”

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