Hounslow Local Plan Review

Hounslow Council have opened a consultation on their Local Plan Review for the Great West Corridor and the West of Borough masterplans.

The consultation, which runs to Sunday 10 December 2017, will focus on the overall vision for the west of the borough and the Great West Corridor. It will concern policies regarding space and addressing specific issues in the area, place policies for areas where regeneration and growth will be the focus, minor amendments to the existing Local Plan 2015, and the identification of potential development sites.

The West of Borough area forms part of the Heathrow Opportunity Area and the Great West Corridor area has been identified as one of the new Opportunity Areas in the emerging London Plan.

The aim is to support opportunities for housing delivery, job creation and the provision of new infrastructures to serve the local community and new development.

The plans also support the delivery of a new Southern Rail Access into Heathrow Airport in the West of Borough and propose new passenger services to Southall Crossrail and Old Oak Common (Crossrail and HS2) in the Great West Corridor.

The next version of the Local Plan review will be due for consultation in Summer 2018.


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