Hounslow gets consultation moving

Hounslow_town_centre LB Hounslow has begun collecting public suggestions for phase two of the Town Centre regeneration programme.

The Council is distibuting postcards around the town centre and the rest of the borough, in an attempt to get fresh thinking about the town. They are also running workshops where residents, local businesses and community groups can have their say on what they want the town centre to be.
The Council has retained EDAW to deliver a new masterplan after Blenheim Norwest lost their preferred developer status when the Blenheim Centre was completed last year.
Cllr Peter Thompson, Council Leader, says: “We’ve constantly said that his is about more than just the High Street and the site next to Blenheim Centre, it’s about town centre as a whole. It is not just about asking if we want more and better shops, it’s about stepping back and asking big questions about what kind of a town centre Hounslow needs to be a success in the future.”
The council wants suggestion on town centre performance, the balance of residential and commercial development, and the infrastrucutre needs.

The council are also looking at which sites in the area have the potential to be developed, as well as the possible impact of development on areas beyond the town centre itself. At the same time, an intensive study is taking place to look at the wider region to understand the economic prospects for the area to help inform what is possible.

Those interested should visit www.hounslow.gov.uk/regeneration for more detail on the Council run process.

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