Hounslow consults on Local Plan reviews

Hounslow Council is consulting on the proposals it has prepared for the borough’s Local Plan reviews before a formal consultation later in 2019.

The Local Plan takes a wide-ranging look at the future needs of the borough, including homes, schools, health centres, transport infrastructure and green spaces. It also considers the needs of residents, including more local jobs, better air quality, and greater sense of place and belonging.

Following informal consultation at workshops in October 2017, the council is now letting people have a look at the revised proposals.

Cllr Steve Curran, Leader of the Council, said: “To ensure the best for the borough and our residents in the future, we need to do the planning now, and that’s what the Local Plan reviews are all about.

“As a council, we have a vision for Hounslow, and the workshops in January are an opportunity to make sure that the Local Plan incorporates what residents across the borough also want to see.

“Our draft Local Plan covers everything, from more much-needed housing so families can continue to live locally, to more schools and health provision to meet the needs of growing communities. It also seeks to create more employment opportunities, and the infrastructure to underpin all the potential development, from more roads to parks and open spaces.”

See more on the Local Plan Reviews and the Draft Local Plan.

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