Hounslow consult on local plan

Hounslow Council have opened a six week consultation on their local plan, which includes an explicit policy against expansion at Heathrow.

The plan sets out a number of options for potential development across the borough, and highlights areas for regeneration and investment.

Cllr Steve Curran, cabinet member for planning, regeneration and housing at the council, said: “The last 15 years have seen some dramatic changes in some parts of the borough, but we know there are other areas crying out for regeneration.”

The consultation sets out the key elements of the plans for how the council wants the borough to develop over the next 15 years, including allocating development sites for the delivery of 7,800 new homes primarily within the Hounslow and Brentford areas.

Despite aiming to grow employment in the borough, the draft plan explicitly opposes further expansion of runway or terminal capacity at Heathrow Airport. Hounslow Council recently ran a consultation exercise which suggested its residents were opposed to expansion, while the Airport published a poll which had the opposite result.

Heathrow Airport say that if they are not allowed to expand, they will be forced to close, which would of course have a negative impact on employment.

The plan also covers the regeneration of Hounslow and Brentford town centres to deliver new retail and leisure facilities, promoting employment growth in designated areas through the provision of 200,000 sq m of additional office floorspace, and seeking major transport infrastructure investment to improve public transport access to the Golden Mile, as well as  giving firm support for the development of a new stadium for Brentford Football Club at Lionel Road.

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