Hounslow consult on Core Strategy

LB Hounslow have opened the consultation on their Core Strategy.

The strategy identifies council policy on development, and will be used in determining planning applications.

Cllr Ruth Cadbury, Hounslow Council’s deputy leader said: “The planning system has the potential to make a significant impact on an area – not just the physical appearance, but to things like crime, jobs and health."

The Core Strategy will identify areas of the borough for protection or improvement such as open space and land which could be used to create jobs. It will also identify future areas for housing growth and identify potential sites for new schools.

A consultation on the proposed strategy, which can be seen at www.hounslow.gov.uk/core_strategy, runs from 29 July until 7 October. A revised document will be published in Spring 2012 for submission to the Secretary of State.

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