Hounslow Chamber show alternative Hounslow plan

Hounslow Chamber is to hold a meeting focussed on an alternative to Hounslow Council’s view of the regeneration of the “Heart of Hounslow”.

The alternative view of the regeneration of the Heart of Hounslow has been drawn up by Aun Qurashi of the Hounslow Town Centre Neighbourhood Forum Group, but, says the Chamber, broadly represents their view of the best way forward.

The Forum’s ideas include:

  • Bringing the Council’s HQ back into the town centre
  • Building a new swimming pool
  • Reinstating the long High Street as an essential aspect of Hounslow, with transport provided along it
  • Creating a series of public squares between Asda and the High Street, providing a focus without breaking up the town

The plan will be shown at the Chamber meeting on June 6.

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