Hounslow adopts local plan

Hounslow Council’s cabinet has adopted its local plan.

The Hounslow Local Plan aims to provide the strategy, development site allocations and policies to be followed when the council decides planning applications, and lays out how CIL contributions will be spent.

Parts of the west of the borough and areas surrounding The Golden Mile have been earmarked as “ripe for regeneration”, and the council hope to persuade tech and media firms to invest and grow in the area.

A target for more than 12,330 new homes has been set, with 40 per cent to be at affordable levels.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “This Local Plan has been meticulously created over the past two years to target areas that will benefit from regeneration over the next 15 years. It is an exciting opportunity to channel our efforts into improving these areas for the people who live and work in them. We want to make the London Borough of Hounslow a great place to live and work for Hounslow families.

“Of course all new developments will have to pass the same rigorous planning processes as they do now but this plan is our vision of how Hounslow will look and it will serve as guidance for developers. This is a once in a generation opportunity.”


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