Hillingdon welcomes scrapping of Place Survey

The Place Survey – which had been set to take place this Autumn – has been scrapped, which has been welcomed by at least one west London council.

Grant Shapps, Housing Minister, has announced the national survey will be scrapped, prompting Ray Puddifoot, leader of Hillingdon Council, to say: “We have always put our residents views above all others and welcome the move to scrap the place survey. Local authorities should be working with their residents to ensure they are providing services that meet their needs and expectations, not Whitehall’s.”

The Place Survey was a postal survey conducted by every council in England. Introduced in 2008, it involved over half a million people and is estimated to have cost more than £5 million to run. Results have been fed back to central Government and used to measure councils’ performance on a range of centrally-imposed targets.

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