Hillingdon votes against Heathrow

aeromexico heathrowHillingdon Council has announced the results of its Heathrow referendum, with two thirds voting against the idea of a third runway.

The council say 66% of those who voted (a turnout of under 40% of the total electorate) were against a third runway. The same number did not want see any more flights in and out of the airport.

The results were announced alongside those of neighbouring Richmond upon Thames Council which held the same ballot. There the anti-Heathrow feeling was even more pronounced, with 80% of a 40% turnout voting against a third runway, and against more flights.

Cllr Ray Puddifoot, leader of Hillingdon Council, said:  “The council has always been clear about our opposition to expansion at Heathrow and this emphatic result shows that the majority of our residents agree with us.

“At the last general election we were promised by David Cameron that there would be no third  runway at Heathrow, as it was unsuitable for expansion and that an alternative solution had to be found.

“I believed him, and so did many of the residents of Hillingdon. The strength of this vote is an indication that they now expect him to be as good as his word.”

A Hounslow consultation exercise published at the same time produced a similar result.

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